Empathy Bomb

The fog rose up around five o'clock. Old man Rudy Jeffers made a note as he checked his watch and leaned deep into his rocking chair, surveying the rooftops of his little town, feeling connected to the silhouettes of pointed roofs, thinking each a soul he almost knew to the moment. When lights bubbled up…Read more Empathy Bomb


Christian Nation

It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a Rich man to get into heaven. The Bible told me to be poor and in this country that was easy. With the help of my parent's I worked my way through college but there was something wrong in…Read more Christian Nation

The Use of Native American Culture

The Boy Scouts of America have a complex weave of programs available. Among the most secretive and exclusive is the Order of the Arrow. The secrets of which are not insidious but more kept secret for effect. It is an honorary service group within Boy Scouts meant to, like everything else in Boy Scouts, boost…Read more The Use of Native American Culture

Jealousy and Money

A literary critic came to my store looking for red pens. He had papers to paint. I told him to go easy on his subjects. He laughed, “That isn’t what they pay me for.” Our conversation didn’t go further than that but in my mind it still continues as I attempt to widen my understanding…Read more Jealousy and Money