In Search of Solid Land

  I’ve been writing and putting out video pretty regularly. It has felt like a recovery but I don’t know what I recovered from. I feel like I have always been working, writing, making jokes, hating lists-- I have been trying to improve and work very hard. I put up YouTube videos. I write short…Read more In Search of Solid Land


Pokemon Go Shows that You are an NPC

In each of the main Pokemon games, the player is tasked to catch them all, be the best pokemon fighter in the country, defeat a criminal organization, and save the society from collapse of the earth from being destroyed. With Pokemon Go player does none of these things that we associate with Pokemon. There is…Read more Pokemon Go Shows that You are an NPC

Righteous Struggle: A Fight with my Parents

In several days, I will be visiting my childhood home to see my parents and family. It is already getting on my nerves. Just one stalemate conversation with my mother has left my thoughts scattered but none the less with purpose. I have thought that a series of essays would be a productive place and…Read more Righteous Struggle: A Fight with my Parents

A Passing Review of Alt Lit

Oh no, I have forgotten to finish polishing this weeks post and am now late. So, it is time for a stream of consciousness. post until I find a focus. Saturday is still a day, unless we have forsaken word endings for their far sexier cousins the unexplained hipster naming system. Without a doubt hipsters get the bad…Read more A Passing Review of Alt Lit

Jealousy and Money

A literary critic came to my store looking for red pens. He had papers to paint. I told him to go easy on his subjects. He laughed, “That isn’t what they pay me for.” Our conversation didn’t go further than that but in my mind it still continues as I attempt to widen my understanding…Read more Jealousy and Money