Don’t Settle: A Memorial and Lesson

I’m sorry Kendra, I haven’t taken your advice. I’m sorry that the fight left me. I was scared and unsure of the outside. Your advice after thirteen years of working for the same terrible place that I worked was simply this, “Don’t Settle.” I’m sorry. I have so very settled into my average of sixteen…Read more Don’t Settle: A Memorial and Lesson


Gold Dust Machine

"This is where my depression hits a fever pitch." "What are you mumbling about up there, Stretch?" "Nothing, just keep picking up trash, Tasha. I don't even like the name stretch. You are taller than me, why aren't you Stretch?" "Whatever Brian, no one cares about what you are called, they are just bored, like…Read more Gold Dust Machine

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The bookstore was clean only in the places that draws your eyes. The line of comfort was slowly being squeezed. The slowly pulsing member wrapped around Ferdinand's body. There was a deep red rash that just peaked over his collar. Every shirt felt too tight but this off white cream button up shirt matched his…Read more Buy My Book