True Facts about (*) Ze Frank

True Facts about (my obsession with*) Ze Frank Ze Frank was the man to popularized Vloging. He had two runs of vlogs. I caught A Show phase in twenty-twelve, when the Vlogbrothers talked about his show that inspired them to vlog. I fell in love with Ze Frank’s vlogs and Ze Frank’s honesty. He was…Read more True Facts about (*) Ze Frank


If you Give an Eye a Mote

One-one-two-three blazed, leaving the ceiling, wall, and top of the dresser aglow in a maroon haze. He tried not to look at it. He tried to ignore the buzzing of the electronic. He felt every high pitched release of the springs underneath him. The ends of his teeth stood taught to one another, his jaw…Read more If you Give an Eye a Mote

Don’t Settle: A Memorial and Lesson

I’m sorry Kendra, I haven’t taken your advice. I’m sorry that the fight left me. I was scared and unsure of the outside. Your advice after thirteen years of working for the same terrible place that I worked was simply this, “Don’t Settle.” I’m sorry. I have so very settled into my average of sixteen…Read more Don’t Settle: A Memorial and Lesson

Buy My Book

The bookstore was clean only in the places that draws your eyes. The line of comfort was slowly being squeezed. The slowly pulsing member wrapped around Ferdinand's body. There was a deep red rash that just peaked over his collar. Every shirt felt too tight but this off white cream button up shirt matched his…Read more Buy My Book