Is DTube a Weird Shady Trap for YouTube Fategue?

Cold off of my takedown of there comes DTube. A social media site that aims to take down YouTube by not having an algorithm. One thing I didn’t mention or didn’t care about is Minds point system was converted watered down and converted to a cryptocurrency. I have a certain animosity to cryptocurrency because…Read more Is DTube a Weird Shady Trap for YouTube Fategue?


The Telling Post

Once in a while, I will write a letter and it will be nothing like the informative notes or little tokens of love that I have written. They will be honest and bare. Before me, I watch my own blood cover the table in sacrifice to the bad news that I have failed to bottle…Read more The Telling Post

Just Some of The Problems with, the Worst Social Media Site

Out of the gate, there are too many Nazis. is a fresh-faced underdog in the world of social media. Their draw is that it champions “free speech” and that it is encrypted to not spy on its users. The site is about as poorly designed as it’s ideas. Too Many Nazis! The most important…Read more Just Some of The Problems with, the Worst Social Media Site

Don’t Settle: A Memorial and Lesson

I’m sorry Kendra, I haven’t taken your advice. I’m sorry that the fight left me. I was scared and unsure of the outside. Your advice after thirteen years of working for the same terrible place that I worked was simply this, “Don’t Settle.” I’m sorry. I have so very settled into my average of sixteen…Read more Don’t Settle: A Memorial and Lesson

Christian Nation

It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a Rich man to get into heaven. The Bible told me to be poor and in this country that was easy. With the help of my parent's I worked my way through college but there was something wrong in…Read more Christian Nation

Bazmann Vs Snyder

Zach Snyder is a bad director, some people say after watching bats v sups. There is a clear difference between him and real directors but another of mostly adaptations Baz Luhrmann. Both directors have a visual flair to their productions. Snyder loves his slow motion and violence. Baz loves music and energy. Zach Snyder is…Read more Bazmann Vs Snyder

Righteous Struggle: A Fight with my Parents

In several days, I will be visiting my childhood home to see my parents and family. It is already getting on my nerves. Just one stalemate conversation with my mother has left my thoughts scattered but none the less with purpose. I have thought that a series of essays would be a productive place and…Read more Righteous Struggle: A Fight with my Parents