Crafting, Cooking, Living, Learning

There is going to be some real cute food and craft blogs coming from BeesKnees

Teach Yo Self

If I had to sum up what I want this blog to be about in 4 words they’d be: crafting, cooking, living, learning.

Growing up I spent a lot of time reading and doing arts and crafts, but it’s only been in the past few years of living on my own that I’ve started learning to cook and do household chores. My family relied heavily on convenience foods and the housework went mostly undone. Nobody taught me how to do these things, it’s been a process of seeking out resources and experimenting. I didn’t have a domestically-inclined grandmother living nearby to show me what she knew. As Alanna Okun says in her book of crafting essays, The Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater, “Sometimes the grandmother is YouTube”.

I want to use this blog to document the recipes and ideas I’ve tried for my own reference, but also to share with others.

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If you Give an Eye a Mote

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OSC, Hypocrisy of Ender’s Saga: Just a Little Bit More

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Trump Reads the Mexican Quran The rhetoric fear-mongering of the American conservative party is so baseless and interchangeable that I'm surprised Trump has said this yet. I want a called-it moment like the people on the president show get.