Our Monsters are People Like Us

Your actions are only a few shades of desperation from those of mass shooters and knife attackers. Every action I take is gently justified by my situation and outlook. All that really separates us is the specific use of violence and perhaps desperation. We do a lot to define our actions as normal and […] via…Read more Our Monsters are People Like Us


Christian Nation

It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a Rich man to get into heaven. The Bible told me to be poor and in this country that was easy. With the help of my parent's I worked my way through college but there was something wrong in…Read more Christian Nation

Buy My Book

The bookstore was clean only in the places that draws your eyes. The line of comfort was slowly being squeezed. The slowly pulsing member wrapped around Ferdinand's body. There was a deep red rash that just peaked over his collar. Every shirt felt too tight but this off white cream button up shirt matched his…Read more Buy My Book

The Use of Native American Culture

The Boy Scouts of America have a complex weave of programs available. Among the most secretive and exclusive is the Order of the Arrow. The secrets of which are not insidious but more kept secret for effect. It is an honorary service group within Boy Scouts meant to, like everything else in Boy Scouts, boost…Read more The Use of Native American Culture