It is a beautiful summer day. Heavy drops of rain plummet to the ground. They leave a steady drum healthily rolling in the distance. The sun is hid and the temperature is sunk. It is a perfect day to read.

I recently made a video that details my summer reading and suggested books for others. Maybe something on there you missed because you thought it was trash or hadn’t heard of it. (If you hadn’t heard of any of those books, I want to hear about you and your life!)

That isn’t the only thing on my mind and I am on empathy again, as I always am and in what ways I can share it to others. I made a whole series on empathy but I have forgotten to put them into a playlist. So here that is.

Whenever I read, I am exercising empathy. I am in another person’s head. Despite that being a fictional person, it is a way to be inside another person’s head. Investment in fiction, news stories, and video games are all natural ways of empathy.

In the summer, I have had this idea to read summer-like books. I have chosen books that are Tropical, in a hot place, or about that time between high school and life. That last summer of childhood.
There is a part of my mind that wants to do the opposite. To read sad, cold, winter-like, or even depressing books to contrast the season and make me feel out of place an in that person’s mind.

It seems like the kind of question that only matters when you think about it. Have fun and happy reading.


If I can plug another video. Here is me talking about being rock’n’roll happy, internet lies, and nazis.



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