In Search of Solid Land


I’ve been writing and putting out video pretty regularly. It has felt like a recovery but I don’t know what I recovered from. I feel like I have always been working, writing, making jokes, hating lists– I have been trying to improve and work very hard. I put up YouTube videos. I write short stories. I have one novela and one full novel I am revising. This vlog gets left out a little, especially when there are short stories that I want to sell to magazines and websites.

In the last two weeks, I have been reading up on possible clients. I have also been gearing up to launch a patreon. Though, there is some overlap. I cannot very well put my face on patreon page and tell people to give me money so that I can do all of the things. What I want the patreon to support is my YouTube videos and offer writing as some bonuses. I’d thank you to check out the patreon and follow or even better, pledge, thank you for either. Full seriousness, it means a lot to me.

That leaves this fiction and writing blog. I have done more YouTube tie-ins but that doesn’t work as well as a straightforward screwed up short story. I will still write for this blog. It will just get pushed to the side, as patrons will be my first readers. This blog will get more than scraps. There will be open blogs, like this one. I will still pick out the poem to put up when one strikes me. Short stories still aren’t out of the question either.

I just wanted you to know that I have a patreon and this blog is still close to my heart. Love you



-Ray Richards



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