I Mote in God’s Eye

I just picked up a book with the best title. The Mote in God’s Eye. I don’t know if it is good but it was twenty-five cents and I love it. I love that title. I’m stealing it as much as possible.

The best thing about being in a city is that there are multiple libraries. It tickles me. Something about being brought up in the country of a small town is I have ingrained values for trips that I have had to get over. We could almost never justify the expense of a trip to town for only one non-time sensitive thing. There had to be three or four things and then a glorious trip to town could occur and then I could check out the comics, toys, videogames, and possibly see other people I knew. It has been an adjustment to not stack chores if I need something. There are stores less than a mile away. I’ve lived within walking distance of a few. Still, some of the old guilt is there and there is nothing worse than making multiple trips to the same place in a few days, that means someone messed up! That guilt doesn’t exist when there are four libraries! Already went to the downtown library, yesterday? Go to the Ladd Library, today!

Anyway, I bought this old book The Mote In God’s Eye and I just love it and the library. It is Hard Science Fiction by two guys Larry Niven (author of Ringworld, which I have heard of) and Dr. Pournelle (who doesn’t have any books on the back cover but trained astronauts.)

I was reading about reasons to start a blog and I have always had my wordpress blog and not posting only assures a constant failure. So, I decided to share. Perhaps I will share more than just making links to other things on here.

It isn’t much of a community. It doesn’t feel like there is a lot of traffic or people that really want to read stuff. There is a bunch of articles about gaming the system, tagging things, and watching trends but that all kind of makes it feel fake. I feel like the only people I get are other writers that ultimately want my attention. It is kind of dumb, like some asshole marketer came up with it sarcastically and everyone else just went with it. It kind of feels like that everywhere.

Love ya


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