Pokemon Go Shows that You are an NPC

In each of the main Pokemon games, the player is tasked to catch them all, be the best pokemon fighter in the country, defeat a criminal organization, and save the society from collapse of the earth from being destroyed. With Pokemon Go player does none of these things that we associate with Pokemon. There is no other game that really does this as well, even World of Warcraft tries to make the millions of players feel like a chosen hero.

There is no story

In Pokemon ever child gets a starter and goes about an adventure but there were rivals and bridges going out and people that needed help. You just got it in the afternoon and played it until you were bored and everyone else was doing it. There is no story other than what you mumble to yourself.

You likely gotta catch ’em 40.

Very few people will complete the Pokedex or catch more than seventy. Catching every pokemon will take flying to at least three other contents, learning the biomes of your country, and communicating with other people to learn about rare nests. In the main game, finding or trading every Pokemon has never been easier.

You are not taking a gym.

Gyms are easy to take like everything is easy in Pokemon Go if you put in the time and effort. Most people haven’t even tried and are not familiar with the battle system. Potions are useful and necessary to someone who is fighting and healing their team but you through away forty at a time, also known as an NPC gift.

Most people don’t even want an update.

Some people don’t know why they made other games after the first generation. Despite how there are over seven hundred Pokemon, new strategies, fun designs, etc. They don’t know that Unova in Black and White had Munna is a psychic elephant fetus Pokemon and it is the best and it is American. The Pokemon promises of Gen One were fulfilled and they just missed it. Unless you didn’t miss it or you live outside of the U.S.

You don’t leave your home or route

You like the other NPCs are just going to hang out at your house, turn on Pokemon when it is nice, and cultivate the narrow crop of Pokemon that are just closest to you. So, people gather up similarly in the same spots, every day. Almost like clockwork. Almost like that is the only place you exist, standing still.

You get to condescend to Children.

Children are the worst, running around and getting in the way. Talking about Pokemon you have never seen. Watching them throw little temper tantrums if they don’t get there way. You rise above it because you have a car and do adult stuff. Though, you wish you could be the person hiding by the cave exit, ready to be the snot out of the kid who is out of revives and holding the Zubat they just caught.

You will hear about the exciting stuff on the news.

You will glance at a headline that someone has completed the Pokedex. You’ll hear passing news about a legendary dropping by a crowd of people and how they wore it down. Someone else found the dead body and thwarted the bandits waiting by the Poke-stop. 

Next time you start a new Pokemon, remember that fella standing on route two with a few fish because he is just like you.



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