Christian Nation

It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a Rich man to get into heaven. The Bible told me to be poor and in this country that was easy. With the help of my parent’s I worked my way through college but there was something wrong in the Christian nation, politics. They political thoughts of the republican party overruled those of Jesus Christ. Even as women and men quoted the scripture they did not see the need to make it inconveniently conflict with any of their other beliefs. They called assisted living and food stamps hand outs despite failing to understand the world around them. They used their comfort as a shelter to judge and called it holy. They decided that the poor on the side of the road were not the poor they had to give money for. The health and wealth gospels permitted and corrupted thought as it fell in line with God’s messenger capitalism. The poor deserved it as they deserved all the money that had.

God may have promised to feed and clothe them but it was Capitalism that made them feel better with large televisions to spew news of how awful the world was behind their borders. Their world is small and their God a cheerleader of the rich. The Bible having only applied to the world before the rise of the great christian nation of America. The meek had inherited the earth and heaven was the land between California and Maine. A new dispensation. Noah was told to believe, as the Jews were told to be kosher and wait for a messiah, until he came and told the Romans to be poor, then the seeds waited in Europe to become America where God decreed that they should be exceptional and he didn’t even have to waste time writing it anywhere new. They know how good they were. They saw the wicked brought low to poverty and themselves as waiting for their ever increasing riches.

The government was a monument to sin. The only thing keeping them from their perfect world was it’s evil agenda. Helping the poor be lazy and facilitating pleasures that were held only for ignorant adults. They cast down the poor in the grocery story with carts full of food. It’s too much for those lazy poor, the scoff. They don’t need that to survive, take it away. They saw the man on the street sitting with a bottle and said, if he has money for alcohol then he has money enough. They didn’t try to understand the relationship between the alcohol and the man or that their vehicle for party would have any other use.

They were cruel and callous on their way to walled in communities and secured locations, far away from the parts of town where they let the riff-raff gather and where companies did their dumping and installed their pipelines.

They turned their nose to the high institutions of learning and marveled at the people that were produced. They labelled the scholars as stupid for not following the beliefs of old as they themselves had no idea of their own sin.

They see the peace of their own assemblies only after ignoring the chasm of injustice that they persisted. They mocked saying they had no power, when Christ told them they could move mountains. They said politicians were only liars as they voted in warmongers with the worst and farthest reaching weapons in history.

They enabled a never ending war. Whoever lived by the sword died by the sword and their greatest heroes of faith were martyrs but every American had a right to an impersonal efficient killing machine. Guns outnumber people in the land and they said it was good for only the small price of the random slaughter, which only served as reason for more guns.

Hippocrates that decided who deserved more and who needed only less, always thought that they deserved more. They know who they were and then saw only others. Women had proven to be every bit as capable as men but They knew better. They knew a woman’s place and reminded each of their daughters. When they learned that some men loved other men, they decided that they must be pedophiles. When they saw that others also came to their land of opportunity, they regulated them out, spread rumors and covertly separated their facilities, even if those others dwelt in the land before them. When they learned that people had genders that clashed with their genitalia existed, they went back to their belief that women were perpetual victims and denied bodily functions.

This was their Christian nation, yet their pastors saw no reason to preach it. Even I once thought there wasn’t anything new to be said.


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