Bazmann Vs Snyder

Zach Snyder is a bad director, some people say after watching bats v sups. There is a clear difference between him and real directors but another of mostly adaptations Baz Luhrmann. Both directors have a visual flair to their productions. Snyder loves his slow motion and violence. Baz loves music and energy. Zach Snyder is perfect, the first line was a red herring, everything that Zach wants to see on screen happens.

Many bad movies get a pass for being dumb if they are big and loud enough. Turn off your brain movies may have their place but people keep putting them by the good movies because people suck. Bat Vs Super was a collection of panels stolen from several superior source comics that now cannot get their own movies. There was a mix of all of the stories which did not flow together. That is because Zach Snyder thought they were cool. No one was scaling back his imagination, every scene was what he wanted, the extended edition brings up more loose ends than it explains. There is a wholly original scene where Clark watches the news and it ties into bat branding thing but it still doesn’t make sense.

Baz loves multiple things and it comes out in his work. There are the picturesque scenes that Baz strives for. Everything is framed and has energy. Baz’s most notable love is, arguably, music. Utilizing mashups before Glee, Baz most notably used songs to color his characters in Moulin Rouge. Your brain just soaks it all up or drowns borrowed tone and cache of loved or at least familiar songs informs the characters in each scene, even if they end up being inconsistent or shallow in the story overall. The overall tone is a celebration to the pageantry, the music, the energy, and love.

As opposed to Batty and Soupy, instead of mixing songs, Snyder mashes iconic comic book imagery. The focus on imagery as the stories of each are from different in comic worlds and don’t combine well. The only possible energy comes from the actors, despite who they all have different ideas of what is supposed to be happening. What energy is out is quickly stiffened by Zach’s tone and numerous plot holes or bleeding, woundy seams.  As opposed to Watchmen where the original tone and characters are dower and already given the motivation of a dry mystery that moves at the pace that it has to while still managing to copy the iconic images that it has to.

Both men are odd threads in that they do so many adaptations that they each had to compensate in their non-adapted story. Sucker Punch is an ironic movie in that it is an action movie with stripped sexualized women that says that you shouldn’t like it. It spikes heavy concepts like rape, sexualization and slave prostitution. It cuts to the core of Zach Snyder, at the risk of implying him, he is just kind of dumb and immature. He talks about this terrible thing like balanced people talk about spaghetti. In one interview, Snyder says if he had directed a Batman origin movie, instead of training in a secret base in the Alps, he would just send him to prison and have him raped. This is the limit to his understanding of adult things, violence, swearing, and sex like a fourteen-year-old. Which, pays to understand how his best adaptations are just that. 300 where everyone is muscles and death, with a side of politically forced intercourse. Then, Sin City which might as well be a clear image of his mind or at least how he views cinema. It is hard to imagine him not handing off kids to a nanny and waiting for the parts where they turn to people he can judge. Sin City is strictly about violence, swearing, and sex where the answers for everything is violence or careful violence.

The Zach Snyder approach is a collection of gifs in the movie for. At the least, someone could cut some segments of Baz movies to music videos but baz has a heart and a head for life. Adult life, having to struggle and work. He is older and has a higher pallet of adaptation. The Great Gatsby is about Gatsby’s hope, moving on with trauma and hardship, and the disparity of America. Classes separated by inheritance live in a tight sweaty place fueled with music and alcohol. The callused and (word that means shifting feelings because of boredom and shiny things) nature of the leisurely and stuck-up rich.

The headiest thing Zach has adapted is Watchmen. A book about how it is dumb to put on silly costumes and fight crime because at best it is a kink and at worst just a distraction for the people that choose the enemies of their country.


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