Intimacy Over Quality and Quantity

Social media is great for talking to people that I don’t like. Further, there are a few people that I like in real life that I hate on social media. To be plain, they think that political correctness is a problem and want to vote for Drumpf. On social media, those are the points that they can blast their up-is-down kind of world view, but in person I’m reminded of how pathetic they are. Not everyone, that is a very specific person. I just don’t get Trump the way a lot of people do. This person, who probably isn’t you, is like a sad toddler saying that they hate you. It is just the inclinations of a baby. They barely have self awareness, how could they have any idea about me?

Putting aside that I don’t want the future of the country decided by ignorance, it makes me think about how social media platforms have different focuses. Generally, I want more thought in all of my media. There are platforms that provide this and ones that obscure it. I tend to use obscuring ones less and I full understand when a person decides to quit or take a break from a certain site.

The thing that has been bothering me more and more lately is the new Luddites. The people without a smart phone who are mostly proud of that. Though, I am only able to know about any of their parties because her husband shows up at my house once a week but I’m still annoyed because I didn’t know about his birthday because he forgot to tell me before three days prior. They frame it as quality over quantity but what it is actually intimacy over both quality and quantity. The internet is the most advanced tool we have for communication. More people are reading now than any other point in history because of the internet. It is a place for thoughts and ideas, so it is a place for me.

I can see someone not seeing the point in social media if intimacy is their most valued point of interaction but I can’t see ever not sharing intimacy with people. It doesn’t seem like something I can or have to worry about sacrificing. Besides that, I don’t want to intimate with the majority of people. A chunk of my tumblr followers are in high school. I’m sure your great and people should stop condescending to you but meeting on an intimate level would be problematic.

To be completely fair, I am only annoyed because I almost missed a party and didn’t know if I could contact some of the cool people I met sense the party host doesn’t have a facebook.


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