The Fault in Our Stars opening beat out The Edge of Tomorrow

I need to see the Edge of Tomorrow before I pass judgement on how happy I am about it. I hear the movie is pretty good but I really liked the book it was based on All You Need is Kill.

I feel like what I am going to not like the most is making the Full Metal Bitch a plot device to make Tom Cruise better. In the book, She doesn’t train him. She is a super solder. She can and has won battles on her own. She is just as willing to go on without him. He learns from trying watching her in a few encounters on the battlefield and acknowledges that their skills are worlds apart. 

The Fault in Our Stars was fantastic. I have a friend that said she didn’t want to see it because of tumblr. So, fuck you tumblr. TFiOS is wonderful. It is the book. A few of the themes lamination of cancer tropes are lost and then pop back up in the end but it keeps the tone well. The thing you will hear most about movie is that it is sad. It is only able to accomplish the lows by the highs and there are several enjoyable highs in the movie and in the romance.  It is a wonderful movie about the unfairness of life and finding meaning in it, even in a brief existence. 


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