The Blind bird

She sits in darkness. The world has become an unwelcome place. She wonders if she has done something wrong. She was sure that there was many she hurt. Many that scavenged in her way. Many that she bullied. She avoided eye contact each time. With every flap of a wing and every dive she fought to live. The only way to live was to win. She could never stand to look over her shoulder. She flew hard to get away and not have to look them in the eye. The world was always dark. Always dangerous.

The light has left her. There is nothing but darkest night. It went slowly. At first, she had ignored it. As if, it was a momentary affliction of tiredness or wind. Slowly things started to get fuzzy. She would miss a berry. She would lose her perch. She use to fly low at night but it became impossible to prowl.

She would hold up. She would find a solid tree, while the day dimmed. She would rest in a crook and close her eyes, waiting for day. She tried to ignore the beasts below and hoped the other raptors would take pity on her, as she never would have. The speed was still with her, though. The winds never stopped feeling familiar and her tail would always find a steady in air. She would feel the tide of wind on trees. She could almost navigate by feeling.

The beasts were no longer below her. She had closed her eyes blurry and woke to find the world an unidentifiable mirage. Her dreams were the only evidence that detail still existed. She stood on the ground.The ground was where food stayed. She could not see but more importantly she could not stay. She would not die on the ground. She summoned the wind to her tail. She flapped her wings for the last time. She could almost navigate by feeling. Almost.


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