It Isn’t Just Mine

Art is more than what we are more than what we produce. Art is a way of happening. A voice to emotions and a bridge to empathy. It can be clever and complicated or simple  and overt. Art is only a craft until you share it. With all your intent, skill, and meaning it is only complete once observed. Sharing art is what makes it have meaning.

Meaning must be seen. The observer must look for it.They must relate to it. They share comments and thoughts that the artist never dreamed of. They imagine the art continued. It spirals and spawns new life in their hearts. Characters have generations of children and lessons. Happily ever after is just as vague a freedom as a dropping mid sentence. The murals follow from wall to wall, echoing struggle and pride. The impression is left on their souls but only if they let it.

They don’t have to open their eyes. They don’t have to lend their feelings to the work. They could just see the raw materials. They could roll their eyes and ignore the grey of boring words on paper. They could see someone with too much time and money on their hands; Laugh at a pile of wood nailed to a wall. A lame softcore porn. A really old picture of a cottage like any other cottage. A grouch that hates everything. A grown man paid to play a child’s game.

The greatest art doesn’t come with a commentary. It’s value is not self evident. It’s value is in it’s audience. The issue of who a character or asset belongs to is not a simple matter of ownership. Your art is bigger than you and that should be your goal.


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