I sit here in a room full of unfulfilled people. the strings and notions of each heart wanting something more and the drag of life shows in each glare. The things that I want to say to them, I cannot because they are things that I cannot say to myself and do not want to hear.

The cat goes to the litter box. It has not been emptied in a while. He buries facies in a pile of feces. The domestic animal does not have a monopoly on lounging.

The electric body aches and sees the sunlight outside. She imagines the places that stretch far beyond the window. “We should go outside,” she says as she settles her body down on the double wide bean bag and pulls her portal to the internet close.

My bags are packed. They sit, on my bed, waiting to be taken to my car. My car sits quietly in the darkening garage. It’s tank is full. GPS and cones wait for the emergency that may always occur. There is a suit hanging in the back seat passenger side.

There are six missed calls on my cell phone. Plastic and glass lets my ear hear all the way home but I do not allow it to my ear. Talking is difficult when it isn’t attempted. The ignore button is the most used feature.

It is easiest to do what one is already doing. And I am doing nothing.


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