Basic Bitch BAlliteration

You are a real Basic Bitch, it is so fun to say and think. The alliteration is pleasurable. Basic is a fun word to say, in its own right. I savor it one syllable at a time. Ba-siC. I try to emphasize different letters. BASIC. BaSic. bAsIc. Language, even in its slang and underground uses, is capable of beauty and pleasure. I think it is the alliteration that I really dig, though;



The B is so wonderful to say in succinct order. Though I have felt this way about alliteration even back in my preacher days. I was pleased that I wasn’t the only one.

Pleasure was once described to me as a means of survival. Several things that are natural and beneficial to humans are also pleasurable. Eating, caring, sleeping, using the bathroom, and sex all bring their reward when in healthy balance. I feel like language also brings its natural reward as our minds ponder on things and release that little bit of happy at a clever thought, egging us on to think more.

The lack of pleasure derived from natural things could indicate something wrong or an over-indulgence could cause problems. Overeating can make us sick. Being sick can make the bathroom an unpleasant experience. Caring can lead to unwelcome attention or being needy. Our internal clock is finicky at best, and made no more stable by the internet. I have never had too much sex but chafing is a very real thing. Thinking too highly of ones thoughts leads to pretension and an ego enema.

Though, I would like to go around saying the phrase that has taken up the little pleasure center of my mind, I realize that it is still attached to a sad social construct of alienating the fair females. Alienating alliteracy is altogether stunting society.

It takes a conscious, strong will to stay well grounded. Humility to humble the hubris of the human mind. Popular pleasures prove porous as purpose perpetually parts. Without the means to control yourself means you are a real basic bitch.


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