Life on Easter

Thank you for visiting this weekend.It was nice to see people on my blog but then I ran into a problem. I don’t think there was anything else I should have done. the only thing that was lacking was more time. Time is always running and slipping away. It passes us if we don’t pay attention. Faith is a word for something that keeps people going. You don’t have to call it that. It may be called trust or that uncertain drive forward because it is there. I’m not particularly religious, anymore but there is still a sermon or two in me. This one does not call out sin or spread guilt. It just moves on in self-indulgence.

There is always uncertainty, I think you know that. What we have is faith that things will be okay through the uncertainty. We know that okay isn’t true. Things were never completely okay. We have faith. We do the things we chose and adjust how we must to continue and keep faith.

I could not keep faith in one place. I tried. I stood still and grasped the books and teachings. I didn’t know what to do and life went on around me. No one waited for me. No one asked if I understood. They asked if I was sure. I was sure but I didn’t understand. It is a familiar story and one that I have told several times slightly different ways.

I was recently told my story to a girl that I went on a date with. She was surprised I recovered at all. Like I survived a life crippling change.

I was the most sure that I was doing the lords work then. It didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel right to you. I’m reminded of Judas’ replacement. Voted in and only named once, he served as the twelfth. If he hadn’t, it would have been written and they would have talked about another, voted in.

He is not considered an apostle. He did what his faith brought him to. he followed the help and guidance of his peers. Yet, we know nothing of him. He is not an author of the Bible. We don’t see any of the writing or warning that he had for the early church. Why did his name even get recorded? It isn’t even necessary to know who he is.

Life isn’t cut and dry for any of the apostles. There were small victories and faith that kept them going. They followed paths that were not clear and are not clear today. How much can we say about the twelfth apostle other than he is just like us? This may be an uncertain  path but it is mine.


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