Passing thoughts: Daisy Buchanan and the Silver Lining of the Golden Age

The girl who is pined after for no reason. Off of the tip of my head, several similar characters also emerge Rosiline from Romeo and Juliet, Nikki from Silver Linings, and Sara from forgetting Sarah Marshall. They are all characters of formerly in love but by the time the story starts are the idea of love. They are also saddled with the idea the golden age.

The golden age, in many ways, is the Utopia of memories. The idealized past. The heroically hopeful leading men want to relive something; The familiar. Last years fireworks. The feelings of safety. The exhilaration of finding something good.  The annihilation of self to love.They want what they thought they. They fight to make the past not pass. I feel like giving silver lining props for being the one to to call out the reservoir of hope as insane.

What is it about past relationships that make people batty? what is it about the familiar. the memorized curves and the soft times sharing a pillow that makes the past so great? They had flaws big glaring ones; They swore too much. They were overly concerned about money. They were looking for something better. They pushed your buttons for fun. They were missing a glaring piece of basic education. Maybe she was selfish or needy. She hated your friends and your family hated her. There was a boring zone around her. They worried about everything. They were careless. It could have been something big; She hated everyone. Her life was aimless. She wanted  someone to follow and you were not looking to lead. She was at a different place in her life. Our memories are constructed on the fly. The narratives and details of our past are constructed to fit our preconceptions and hopes. This is because the human mind is not great at recording event details but is excellent at justification. The brain remembers happiness, pins a source to that happiness, and then justifies the hell out of it until it is necessary to return.

But, they were perfect! You can still feel their hair and smell them on your bed. You know what shows they are watching. You hear their favorite jingle and envision their dance. If they called you, your heart would stop and you would want to hear those three little words. You would be elated until you heard them. The sound of her clearing her throat. The brushes of familiar movements you can still envision as they handle the phone. Hope would grab you by the neck and angels would scream as your voice cracked and your smile grew so big, the mass of teeth could be felt through the phone. You are doing great. She is doing great. Then, her voice turns annoyed. She shuts you down with every bit of hostility that you imagined she was not capable. Your mind shatters as the impossible happens. She does not proclaim her love. It is something entirely different. You want to test. You want to love her again. You cannot see things any other way. You are insane and bothering a person from going on with her life.


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