Realizing adulthood: The side effects of caffeine withdrawal

I have an article in mind on my thoughts about the important to thoughtfully putting things in your body. The reason why I am not writing and posting that wonderful little essay on willfulness is a side effect of caffeine withdrawal.

There are many side effects to caffeine withdrawal and the more caffeine consumed the more likely withdrawal symptoms are to occur. This is not the article I intended because I only have twenty minutes to write and make sure there are no red wavey lines under words.

Some side effects of Caffeine withdrawal are headaches, moodiness, and insomnia (ironically).

There have been a few trips home where I have been unable to get my caffeine of choice mountain dew. By the second day I get headaches. What is new is that I am waking up with headaches. Before anyone points it out, I am not a heavy alcohol drinker and I am not confusing hangover symptoms. Also, I’m pretty sure I was swearing in frustration in my dreams last night.

The funny thing about moodiness is that most of the time you don’t notice it, someone has to point it out to you. I have taken my hate for my roommates and work to be my clue. I hate my roommates being loud, unemployed  in my office (that is in the common room), and I hate it when they start writing. (I wrote a whole blog about how I hate writers.) I know I don’t really hate them. They are my best friends. Still, the unemployed fool needs to get a job and  get out of my work space. This must be moodiness.

With insomnia sleep is still unnecessary  It is just later sleep. Which is why I could not get to be and ended up not waking up until Twelve-thirty, noon. Which is why everyone unemployed or on a day off is now in the common room and I my time is precious little before I need to go to work.

All this for cutting down my caffeine to one coffee and one to two cans of mountain dew.


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