Re-Descovering Adulthood: Putting on a play

A while ago, John Green commented that he thought adulthood would be sitting around a room drinking wine and discussing great books. Most of us have found that adulthood is mostly standing in line and waiting on hold. This still got me thinking about what I thought adulthood would be and what I want it to be. I am the only one who can make my life better and I am the one who can change it, with the help of some like-minded friends.

This weekend, some friends and I will gather around the house and read a play. We will read the parts out loud and perform it complete with songs and Monologues. No costumes, no stage, no music track or audience will be needed. We will read it to each other and for ourselves. Everyone will be involved and parts can rotate to keep participation up. There are a number of plays I want to read, eventually.

Our first performance will be Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. I don’t usually ask or get comments here but if you want to include what you want from adulthood or remember any childhood musings of such, please share.


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