A Passing Review of Alt Lit

Oh no, I have forgotten to finish polishing this weeks post and am now late. So, it is time for a stream of consciousness. post until I find a focus. Saturday is still a day, unless we have forsaken word endings for their far sexier cousins the unexplained hipster naming system.

Without a doubt hipsters get the bad rap. They were trend setters, or at least trend vampires. Sniping the cool thing or something vague enough to count. Horseshoes, hand grenades, birthdays before six, and fashion have the close enough rule.

Really, the hipster derogatory term has been overused and misunderstood. Now, it is just used for people who are different or fit the old stereotype  In truth, fashion moves so fast that what is thought of as hipster is just in style. Once again, I feel like I am writing for old men that sit and yell at kids recycling the new words they pick up off clueless programming.

From hipsters to hypsters, a movement is only as good as what they do. I don’t care about fashion. What I care about is literature. What greasy beast has crawled out of the weed addled minds of hipster is Alt lit.

Alt Lit is searchable by google search of the term or “bear Parade,” because it isn’t in any books. It is trying so hard to be alternative that it is just bad. In short I hate it. It doesn’t use tries not to use anything that makes sense. The voice is clear but the same dry tone, focusing on dull or sad things with the flair of the imagination the thoughts of someone in a depression. I know this because it reminded me far too much of my own depressed thoughts. Though, I had them first and mine were more bleak and depressing but they were enough to remind me of myself and that was enough to make me sick.

Everything that Alt Lit hopes to accomplish has been done and better. It mostly centers on restricting the writer and intentionally not explaining things. The goals revealed in interviews shows a fondness for being intentionally vague and dodging description.

This is really it. An intentionally short passing review, shoveling out criticism and negativity. It isn’t the kind of review a movement deserves but it is the one that Alt Lit wants. Another excuse to write about a failed suicide attempt. Everything that Alt Lit claims to be by rejection of claims and intentional misdirection was already done by Postmodernism with color, music, sound, and beauty in the description but most importantly with the full force of freedom and a full range of emotion.


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