The official store policy upon finding blood in the store is as follows; As soon as blood is found, a perimeter must be made around the body fluid. A manager is to be notified right away. The employee is to put on gloves. Then, get three kinds of chemicals to sterilize and clean the spot. A caution wet floor sign is used, as directed by state law. These are the things I think about while rubbing the caked and coagulated red stains off the sides of the sink it continues to drain from my face. It is a little different if it is your own blood. Draining from your face.
It is the way I have come to be. Some people need to go to the beach when it is warm. Some people need a beer when they get home. My nose needs to bleed when the air is dry and my blood pressure is up or I touch it. That may be most of the time and a reason why I love fall the most. I got punch by a marine once. It was more annoying than painful. “Aww man. Now, I have to take care of this.” Bleeding is such a hassle.
I have become an expert on bloody noses, much the same way that mothers of eight are experts on pregnancy. No matter where I am, there is always one other person who thinks that they are the expert. When I was young, I would listen to them. They would tell you the anecdote of the one time it “worked and the person’s nose never bled again. There are several bazaar ones. Putting a match up the nostril. Laying on the ground while someone kicks your heel.
They come out randomly, which is true but also a lie whenever I fidget with it and it starts a gusher. I have developed a reflex with I am sleeping. I wake when I feel anything warm and liquid in my nose. One time it was just runny and I shot straight up and ran to the bathroom.
There is one thing that will stop a nosebleed. The blood needs to clot. All you really need to stop a bloody nose is time. There are blood vessels that can be pinched to slow the blood so it can more easily clot but it still takes ten to fifteen minutes for most bleeds. Calming down is another one. Which, is easy because most of the time it is boring. Stare in the mirror. Stare at the faucet. Stare at the sink. Watch the blood impact the surface and splash drops around it like a bomb. Watch blood splash into the running water and see the color flare before it is washed away and replaced by more swirly water. Let the water start over taking the sink and see how long it takes to make the basin red. I’ve noticed that everywhere, except for inside the mouth, is a better environment for blood to clot. A blood stalactite and inch long on the end of my nose and a dotted sink are par for the course. 
This is my break. For a few times a year, everything gets to stop. I can forget the policies. The goals don’t matter. Whee I should be gets put in its place. It needs to stop. So, I can take some breathe. Lean against a counter and watch a constant reminder that my heart is beating.


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