Well, Welp is a whelp.

People hate using the word well. If you need a reference, I’m not use to using it.  It is this whistling flag of grammar that shows apathy and mass ignorance. I barely like using the word to describe my status. It doesn’t even sound good. Especially, next to good. Few things get under my skin quite the way the use of “welp” has. “Welp” is nothing.

It is not a word. It is a noise. At the very most, it is a lazy mispronounced well that has taken its own life being sarcastic. I don’t usually get after people for their speech but it has made it’s way into writing and in chat. People could easily just use the word “well.” Well can be used as an interrupt at the beginning of a conclusion or a cut-off if you are a dick. First, it is not a word and should be used as a word because there is already a word for every case of use.

Second, whelp is already a word. It is a word for puppies or children. One of the cute things call animals after their sounds. “lets take all the whelps back home with us! English is confusing enough, we don’t need to be adding synonyms.

Third, you can also use “so” in many cases. Such as, making a conclusion about the entire conversation. So, you should not use welp in your writing because there is no reason to. Unless you are dictating an episode of Andy Griffith. This is just in writing, of course, you can smack your lips together all you want in your speech.


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