Other Writers

I hate writers. Which sucks for me because several of the available women in my area are writers. An entire genre of women I have a lot in common with but ignore because they are or want to be what I am.

If you are going to write, it should be because you are the best writer. You need to be competitive. You need to have your voice be strong and authoritative. Your descriptions crisp and precise. Your characters well-thought with meaningful actions. The story honest and the prose true. (You may wonder how many topics I can write on based off of a paraphrase of Ernest Hemingway. The answer is all of the topics twice.)

I would want to share my work but they would hate it. Either because they would see something more, something that they would have written differently, something else they would have focused or because it is good and they would hate it because I wrote something good.

This is how I feel and I how I except a fellow writer would feel. It is tragic because if someone felt this way I would hate them for it but if they didn’t feel this way I would hate them for not taking me seriously or for being noncompetitive  I would see if there were some support group for this but it would be filled with people I hate.


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