Nude Art

What is the proper response to art? Art is a medium; it conveys a emotion. The message could be something easy like a slogan but it takes an understanding to work. Oscar Wilde said that art, in itself, is useless. It requires an observer who wants to appreciate it. Art, though Wilde was talking specifically about beauty, is not self evident. People must be trained and taught how to see it. What about erotic beauty?
If art is made to convey a message, does the message change whether something is art? Is something beautiful made less so because of titillation? Titillation is as valid an emotion. So, if the point of a work of art is titillation does that make it less valid as art?
The answer is as complicated as the feelings they represent. The naked form of the lady is many things. My mind moves to its softness. The warmth. Gentle curves and piercing eyes. Flesh and moisture. Breath and movement. Touch and reaction. There is a lot to like and a lot to get lost.
We push boundaries and accept new norms. The laws and culture loosen up and convulse under the weight of your minds and observations. Fashion will change and flesh will find it’s way out as people lose control and cultural guilt. It will still be respectful to comment on a beauty but I’ll save appreciating puffy nipples for intimate encounters.
It doesn’t have to all be clean. After all, can’t some things just be naughty?


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