The tortured metaphor

The tortured metaphor. It doesn’t hold up to proper scrutiny. Any thought at all will break it down. Metaphors are an intricate part of literature because there are metaphors all around us. Why press for bad execution?

We project lives and actions and see ourselves in the world. Similar to the way a person may sometimes accuse others for what they feel guilty about, we will accuse things of being symbols. The shit hit the fan. Life is sending you a wakeup call. They are all examples of our advice and thoughts being reflected in the world.
A man standing peering over a straight at a green light is not thinking about the green light. He is thinking about his future as an idealized past. He is staring at it, just out of his reach. Of Course, this is a good metaphor. Plainly laid out at the end of the Great Gatsby, it is a metaphor for hope. Our idealized past makes up our dreams. Why feel guilty over some stretched illusions?

Guilt is something that we don’t want to admit. That we do not want to live up to. As a boy I felt guilty for many boyish actions. Running the hose all over the driveway seems pretty odd but I didn’t even questions whether I should. Working a retail job and getting nowhere while the appreciation for the people around you seeps away calls for a similar kind of awakening. Friends get paid better and better. People learn and train and work toward their dreams. Sometimes it might not even dawn on you that you are unhappy and wasting your own potential until something jars you. Shit hitting the fan and the emperor has no cloths. You can realise what you were doing may have been wrong all along.

I am so excited when something has been wrong all along. To try is to fail. To fail is to learn. Torched metaphors must be discovered to find those that are loose. Loose metaphors lead to those that fit perfectly in simplicity and functionality. Life the video game where losing a life means you can try again with another avatar. Stretched tortured metaphors exist for the metaphor that takes the level.


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