Heavy Thoughts

usually try to stretch in the mornings but on stressful days I use the wii fit after work to calm down. I let my dispossession adjust from Cedar Rapids traffic and running around under the direction of an emotional boss to doing what I want relaxing.

There are some things I like about wii fit and others I do not. I like how it is constantly telling me I am as fit as a twenty year old. I don’t like how shame crazy it is. It just told me I weighed 153 and gained 1.3 pounds.

Then, it asked me why. If fuck off was an option….

Then I start the activities and asks me if I am a different person because my weight is different.

I take the weight test again and it tells me I weigh 147.
Wii fit be crazy.
When I started the test, I was thinking about work. A few minutes into it I had let my stress subside. Now, I am thinking about work. Which, is distracting, unhelpful and only serves to give me a headache. It weighs on my mind.
It was most likely a glitch in the system but it doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch that thoughts affect the body and wellbeing.


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