Imagination Imagines Manifestation

I’ve been thinking again. THe things that fill my head need to escape in words and actions and I am glad that this is the only ways they can escape. I remember thinking that it would be cool if my thoughts could manifest themselves with on reliance on my body. That I could lay my head by the computer screen or on on my pillow adjacent to my laptop, and the words letters would twist into words and jumble themselves on the screen in the form of their intended images. I imagined that the girl on tumbler that makes me smile and empathize with her could feel the warmth from my bunching grin. She would know the strength in my cheeks as I did, stronger than any past muscle movement.
Then the dark side came out. The side that wanted to use it to take the things that didn’t belong to me. THe side that found strength in my weak judgement and lashed out. It fed off my annoyance toward chores and the mundane. My creatures become real. The combined shadow of tools and darkness, out of the corner of my eye becomes a boney linping spider. That, I must dodge on my way to only find a broom.
It gives the small annoyances of my day new strength. The tickle of my ankle was not caused by a fly but my suspicion would spawn one and it would hover about me as it pleased. Making me conscious of its presence and my paranoid would find new places to itch and suspect spawning more.
Fingers will do. Grabbing at the keys. Restricting interaction to imagination on the page. Using words to share love and curiosity.


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