The Hiker

The snow fell in sweet silence on the serien meadow. The thin trees stood inches apart from each other filling the expanse. There is  blood pooling in my sock. I don’t know what to do with it. The others knew first aid. They were headed nowhere, though. This is the right direction. I know it. These surroundings are completely new. I am bound to hit land soon. I can take care of my foot then.

Oh. Apparently my shoe has soaked through. There are red footprints leading up to me. Life is funny sometimes. It is kind of hard to breath. I think I will sit down, take some nice deep breaths.

that is funny. My tan seems to be gone. I guess this will just let me get tanner. The guys at the office will be impressed. The office seems like a completely different reality from this place. Everything is calm. Nothing cares for what time it is. Things happen and succeed without demanding everyone’s attention. Why do I feel like everything is looking at me?

I kind of get the appeal of nature, the freedom and the air. Skwalking birds and rustling brush. In a few ways it is just like the office. Those who have the best attitude and are assertive enough get exactly what they want.

I’m tired. I am going to take a nap. No, I’m going to apprehend a nap. Just lie down and rest a bit.

The hiker that didn’t make it.


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