Heart Pounding in my Head

Today is the day. I cannot think about it, too long. Otherwise, I get sick to my stomach. I am going to ask out the obscenely cute girl, from work. Ambiguously single with at several male friends but she is proprietary single, none the less. I’m still unsure, though.

I have come up with a plan. I will get her attention.I won’t bring up any other bullshit to talk about, straight to the point. I will ask if she is seeing anyone and I will request that we go out sometime. When do I take her out?
She has told me she is busy. Quite the busy girl, all the time. I am available late or early, whenever. I don’t know when we both will be available. I could take her out at work. No, that would be unpleasant, embarrassing, and not at all romantic. Should I really be planing dates right now? That would look weird, right? If I go from being unaware of her relationship status to throwing times and places at her. I can only see that ending in dodge ball, I want to avoid that metaphor.
So, setting up a date immediately is not my goal. Why do I want to put-on that I didn’t plan this? I am planning this. I should be honest. Why hide? Because, it is weird. Is it weird? She won’t be flattered that I am interested to the point that I thought things through. Maybe, just one date possibility. Yes, I will have one locked and loaded.
When am I available? I’m a busy guy. I get quite busy, quite often. I’m flexible, though. I have a lot to do but I can do it whenever, really. Friday, the perfect date night. No, I am driving to pick up tax stuff that day. I will be in the car for at least four hours and none of the old gang are free to hang out. Would she want to go with me? No, that would be a terrible date. ‘Hey, why don’t you keep me company while I drive for four hours? If you are lucky, I will totes let you drive.’ No, un-uh, no way, ain’t happening, not in my house, mama didn’t raise no fool; I think I am sick to my stomach. Earlier in the week? There is an Anime conference this week that she is going to. I know this because she loves it and I would not be the interested guy if I didn’t notice. Cannot Tuesday, Valentine’s day? We both work. Everywhere is crowded and if would be weird to have her over for a first date. Especially on Valentine’s day! Who has a first date on Valentine’s day? Not me, unless she really wants to. She will not, I think.

That leaves Wednesday. Wednesday, midweek, hump-day. Do not say “hump-day;” I am not making that joke. That would be terrible, imagine. The were is easy. That Japanese place where my roommate use to work and they don’t I.D. I should have a slid back-up.

Her phone number. I should get that. That will be the end game. That is where most guys start, right? I offer to text and call her or set up an alternate date. That is good. I will speak to her alone today. Have her stop while I talk to her. Ask her if she is going out with someone and if she would like to go out with me. Then I will toss out Wednesday at that Japanese place. Pull out my phone and get her phone number. Then I will text her a cutesy message like “now you have mine! :p”
Hopefully, the galactic Emperor-Queen Zellrath Six will lift that Ion field so that traffic isn’t such a bother.
** Authorial note: Completely fiction, look at all that alien shit in the last paragraph.

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